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The story behind 'Made By Addalyn'

Hey friends, thank you for being here! It means so much to us that you're visiting our page and we hope you find something you absolutely love.

We want to share a little bit about us and how this small business came to life!
I am Brandy, one half of Made By Addalyn & also the mama of Addalyn herself.
When Addalyn turned 10 in February of 2022, she received a Heishi bead kit for bracelet making. It honestly just sat in the basement for a couple of weeks until one day, she pulled it off of her desk and started creating bracelets. She made me a gift (pictured below) - one of my favorite bracelet sets to this day, because of the heart & meaning behind it.
I posted that photo to my personal facebook page, expecting just a few people to maybe be interested and before we knew it, the post really gained a lot of attention. Truthfully, the messages, comments, snapchats & emails were getting a little overwhelming so we made a facebook group for this little creative spark that was planned to be just a little hobby.

We were getting more orders & at this point, Addalyn had taught me how to make the heishi bead bracelets and we got right to ordering more beads! We were learning how to make multiple other things & started using many other types of beads. We watched countless hours of youtube videos so we could learn how to make more bracelets, necklaces, baby items and even macrame!

Finally, here we are today with our very own WEBSITE and have a licensed & registered business! I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I would be running a jewelry and accessory business, let alone with my TEN year old daughter. Life really works in mysterious ways but always takes us right where we are meant to be. I am so thankful for that one bracelet that started it all.
We truly appreciate your love & support of our small business! We couldn't grow without you!

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